25 years ago, it was created, a company called "Estabelecimentos Nova Gama Produtos Alimentares, Lda.". At that point, the main concern was to adjust the company´s structure to the type of business managed until then in association with three family members. The energetic beginning and the market´s demand, lead to the production of almost all goods sold at the owned Coffee Shops. The production was now the focus, the core, and the portrayal of the business being formatted by the highest standards of quality.

From a totally manufactured, small sized company, it grew to a 13 stores chain (eleven in Coimbra, Portugal, and two in Salamanca, Spain) plus a factory where the production takes place. This plant was built thinking ahead in time, it is one of the best and most complete in Europe, for its concept and for all the technologies used. The gathering and optimization of the Traditional/Conventual Pastry with the Bakery, the Chocolate Confectionery, the Ice cream production and the Catering, makes this a unique project in terms of HCCP´s laws. At the present time, this 3500 m2 plant makes a lot of sense in Europe, which is on of the main targets of exportation. The expansion across borders began in 2004, with the opening of the first "coffee shop" in Salamanca, Spain. This store, which is almost daily supplied from Coimbra, had the goal of getting to know better the Spanish Market, and test our recently acquired technologies. After this first successful step, it opened the second shop, and from now on, the business development strategy for the Spanish Market will lay on local partnerships, based on franchising. In the next three years it will be opened 25 "coffee shops" throughout Spain.

In order to pursue the objectives, it was necessary the reorganization of the group with the means´ optimization, the staff member´s schooling, and the belief on the project´s success. It was thought a Holding, named "Nova Gama Group SGPS, S.A." which lead the change in the prior "Estabelecimentos Nova Gama Produtos Alimentares, Lda." to the new "Nova Gama Gourmet Industria Alimentar, S.A.". This change kept the same identification number, changing only the juridical nature and the headquarters address to "lote 28-29 Parque Industrial de Taveiro - 3045-508 Coimbra, Portugal."